TONS of messages asking for my blog.

asdfrgthjkl I expected like, no one to want it. But just so no one feels delusioned,

Why: I’m giving it away because I have no time to run it and barely post, and my follower count dropped so much and so fast it discouraged me haha. 

Followers: There are now 114 followers, so yeah. I mean, if you get it, you can probably up the follower count again.

If you get it, you can do whatever you want (preferably keep it fashion) but other than that, change the password, email, theme, pictures whatever. It’s yours.

I didn’t expect to get such a response so I’ll have to figure out how to chose. It’ll probably be me just going to everyone’s blog and using my intuiton to judge lol. 

But thanks for your interests in it!

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coquit0: i would like ur blog ! how many followers?

I had way more but they all unfollowed because I’m legit never on, so it went alllll the way down to 114. 

fraganti: why are you leaving your blog? :O

I don’t have time to run it, and I don’t have as many followers as I’d like lol

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